Prosciutto Crudo, Courgette and Rocket Palmiers

Prosciutto Crudo, Courgette and Rocket Palmiers

Want to make something that’s great for nibbling and looks impressive? Then make this. Do it.

p.s. it’s easy too


  • 1 packet puff pastry (you can also buy pre-rolled if you’re really rushed/don’t own a rolling pin)
  • 2 packets, or around 8 slices of prosciutto crudo
  • 1 medium-large courgette, cut into slithers using a vegetable peeler
  • A handful of rocket
  • 1 egg, beaten (for brushing)


Preheat oven to 180°c

On a lightly floured surface roll out (or unfold) your puff pastry into a rectangle roughly 28cm23cm. First, layer on the prosciutto making sure all the pastry is covered. Then, take your courgette slithers and place these over the prosciutto making sure it faces you vertically, as this helps when rolling. Grab your rocket and roughly place on top.

No need for seasoning people, you’ve got salty prosciutto and peppery rocket instead.

Now to roll. Take the edge that is closest to you and simply roll it into the middle. Then take the opposite edge, rolling it to the middle until it meets the other. See, best pals.

Give the two rolled sides a little squeeze together so they are fully acquainted, then cut 1inch thick slices.

Place your slices one side down onto a prepared baking tray, brush with egg and pop in the oven for around 25-30 minutes, or until puffed up and golden.

Cool on a wire rack before devouring. No obligation to share.

Makes 12 palmiers


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