Summer as I know it

Summer has been different this year. Usually I flee London and spend the summer months in foreign lands where the sun shines and the sea is warm. This year however, I didn’t flee. I’ve been working, I’ve been busy, I’ve definitely been bored. I’ve lost my spare time, and I have no idea where it went.

But let’s not be too hasty, summer hasn’t been all bad.

The food has definitely been good.

My summer evenings have been full of salad – that can’t be a bad thing. Salad is big, salad has’s all about salad. I’ve baked red velvet cupcakes more times than I can remember – I even made a mammoth red velvet cake in the shape of a fish which made a certain friend and a birthday girl very happy indeed. I’ve smothered peanut butter on banana bread, olive tapenade on mini toasts and a mascarpone tart with a zesty, sweet filling. I’ve cooked for friends. I made them sit outside, but they didn’t mind so much as the weather permitted and there was a chocolate pavlova involved.

There’s been a lot of houmous in my life. I’m like a houmous monster.

OK so technically I did manage to escape to foreign lands for a couple of days… I flew to the land of chocolate and cheese and ate lunch in a park which mingles with the shores of a lake. From there I road tripped to the land of garlic and wine and spent a couple of days trying to manipulate the colour of my currently pasty skin. I went with Mr. C. We sipped cocktails and ate lots of fish. He let me bury his feet in the sand for around 0.5 seconds, because he’s cool like that. I watched the sun set over back street rooftops whilst trying to figure out how I got so much sand everywhere after a day at the beach.

What else does summer hold for me? Well, approximately 8.5 days left at work, the long awaited wedding of a family friend which I am (far too) excited about, and probably best of all, a trip back to my other home in Cyprus. When I’m there I’ll be spending a lot of time with my 90 year old medzbab Onnig. He’s the best grandpa in the world! He looks slightly unimpressed in this photo because he didn’t want to be photographed out of a suit – he’s old school like that. I’ll go and eat my favorite barmbouni and chtapodi, followed up by post chow-down frolics on a beach that I have known my entire life. If I’m lucky I’ll for sure get to eat tons of Armenian food – something which will make me both happy and sad at the same time. I’ll also be spending a lot of time with cats. Just how it goes down in Gib-town.

Can’t wait to get my frappé on. Yessssss.





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