Summer Minestrone

I once talked about how a simple bowl of minestrone is the ultimate comfort food. But in the summer months I crave something a little lighter. I’m a huge believer in using produce that’s in season, which is exactly why this minestrone is not only light and delicious, but completely accessible and affordable.

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Kitchen Cupboard Pasta

Pasta Saturdays. This is what it’s all about. After a whole week of slaving away doing whatever you’re doing, you deserve this. It’s pasta, and it’s delicious in all forms.

But busy bees don’t always have a million years to create a tasty pasta dish from scratch. Imagine all of the flour, the time, the mess! More importantly, what would a busy bee do when a pasta fiend of a friend (and a hungry one at that) is moments away from their door? Panic!! Continue reading

Carrot Chicken Soup

There is nothing like some warming chicken soup, a bowl of which comes in handy on many an occasion. Whether you’re feeling cold, hungry, down and out – chicken soup will be there for you, like a true friend.

My mum makes a killer chicken soup with carrots, leeks and vermicelli pasta. However, her recipe is pretty top secret, so instead I will share with you my own chicken soup, which is equally as simple to make and marginally better in taste (kidding, mum!). Continue reading

Oven Roasted Red Mullet with Fennel

I’d been waiting for the sun to come out again before I posted this beaut of a recipe, however that seems highly unlikely given the fact that the UK is destined to be cold, wet, windy and grey for the foreseeable future. Today for example, not only did it rain, but it was 10.5°c and so grey it seemed like dusk. This is England. In June. Continue reading

Conchigliette di Farro with Super Greens

One of my favourite things to do on the weekend is head to the local farmers market. I often take a stroll down there to gather some inspiration and hand pick ingredients for lunch. The farmers market near where I live is admittedly a little small, but they really do have some wonderful produce on offer as well as beautifully prepared hot food, which draws a number of people to the market to have lunch on the go and a nose around.

One particular stall that I really love sells a variety of farro and spelt, as well as a modest selection of farro pasta. I absolutely love farro, but before Saturday I had never tried it in pasta form – so I grabbed a bag of conchigliette intent on throwing together something pasta based and healthy.  Continue reading

Goats Cheese, Sun Dried Tomato and Thyme Cake

The other day I came across a wonderful show on the BBC called The Little Paris Kitchen, and it’s now a firm fave. This is possibly due to the tiled wall in Rachel Khoo’s minature kitchen, or possibly due to the fact she clearly likes to cook with goats cheese.Whatever the reason, I’m a fan. Continue reading

Smoked Mackerel and Potato Salad

This morning, as I was lying in bed with a face mask on and a coffee in hand, the TV caught my eye. What was that? Oh, nothing but some smoked mackerel and a potato salad taunting me from inside the box. Immediately I knew I had to have mackerel, and so set about recreating the magic in my own kitchen. Continue reading

Simple Pea and Feta Salad

Ok I admit it, I took the ‘it’s Christmas so I can eat what I want’ idea a little too far. So January, old pal, seeing as we’ve never really gotten on, what with broken resolutions and empty bank accounts, I figured this year I’d make an effort.

No more late nights in front of the TV, tub of ice cream in one hand, spoon in the other, oh no. This year, I’ve swapped my January blues for fitness. Boot camp training, to be precise. Continue reading