What’s Taken So Long?

The new blog!It has been a very, very long time. So where have I been? Why the hiatus?

I graduated in the summer and (luckily) found myself a job! Up until then I had never fully realised just how difficult it is to cook in the little free-time left after work. Not to mention the fact that here in the UK we pretty much live in darkness during the winter months, which subsequently means decent lighting for photographing anything cooked becomes non-existent.

However the new job and lack of lighting weren’t the only reasons for a break. I’ve been working on something new. I wanted to create a new blog, one that was more me. I wanted a whole new look. With recipes old as well as new, life musings and travel snaps. But the process has been lengthy, and the effort lacklustre on my part.

An amazing friend of my brother who just happens to be a web-developer, has kindly volunteered to help make the new space look as fantastic as possible (with the promise of cake in return, of course). It’s not quite ready yet, but I desperately want to share it with all of you from now… I’m super excited about it (even though it is still massively under construction….)!

So to all of my followers, old and new: thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy lives to spend even a second browsing through my blog and being a huge part of it. I could think of nothing greater than you joining me on the new one. So here it is… introducing, Thyme & Honey.

Gabriella x

Summer Courgette Salad with Ricotta Stuffed Courgette Flowers

These mini marrows, also known as courgettes or zucchini, are magical little things. Summertime is their season, and you will find them everywhere. Despite all of the rain we’ve been having here,  beautifully vibrant courgettes with their delicate golden yellow flowers always manage to bring some sunshine to the table. Continue reading

Pulled Pork with Homemade BBQ Sauce and Autumn Slaw

I am so incredibly excited to share this recipe with you. Not because it’s hands down and for real one of the tasiest things I have ever consumed (modesty is a virtue), but because it’s one of those meals that makes you believe you have a stomache capacity similar to that of Adam Richman. It’s You v. Food and you want it all.

Ok maybe that’s just me, and I’m thankful that I had my family to intervene and pry the succulent meat from my hands and the slaw from my grasp. 1.6kg of pork belly lasts more than a lifetime on the hips my friends. Close call. Continue reading

Kitchen Cupboard Pasta

Pasta Saturdays. This is what it’s all about. After a whole week of slaving away doing whatever you’re doing, you deserve this. It’s pasta, and it’s delicious in all forms.

But busy bees don’t always have a million years to create a tasty pasta dish from scratch. Imagine all of the flour, the time, the mess! More importantly, what would a busy bee do when a pasta fiend of a friend (and a hungry one at that) is moments away from their door? Panic!! Continue reading

Lemon and Raspberry Drizzle Loaf

Guys. Big news. The sun is out! It’s actually out, and the outside temperature has surpassed the 20°c mark. It’s officially summer in the UK.

I know this sounds a tad enthusiastic for what actually is mediocre weather, but here’s the thing: when the sun comes out in London, it won’t be there for long.

We have a couple of bursts of what I like to call ‘hyper-summer’ every year, if we’re lucky. These tend to occur at odd times of the year, e.g. March, and us Brits take advantage by pretty much stripping down to the point of IPE (indecent public exposure), whacking out the BBQ (having a BBQ tonight, obvs), and getting severely burnt. Ah, the great British summer, eh!

Anywho, sunshine calls for sitting outside and eating. Fruit should be involved in everything that’s not on the BBQ. Deserts need to be zesty. Just like this lemon and raspberry drizzle loaf. Continue reading

Carrot Chicken Soup

There is nothing like some warming chicken soup, a bowl of which comes in handy on many an occasion. Whether you’re feeling cold, hungry, down and out – chicken soup will be there for you, like a true friend.

My mum makes a killer chicken soup with carrots, leeks and vermicelli pasta. However, her recipe is pretty top secret, so instead I will share with you my own chicken soup, which is equally as simple to make and marginally better in taste (kidding, mum!). Continue reading

How to make: Chicken Stock

Every now and then my mum comes back from the supermarket with a rotisserie chicken. We tend to pick at it for a couple of days to put in sandwiches, salads and soup. After the succulent chicken meat has been devoured we’re left with the carcass, which just screams out to be made into a beautiful homemade stock.

So the next time you’re faced with the remains of your Sunday roast, turn those bones into stock. Here’s how:

Continue reading

Oven Roasted Red Mullet with Fennel

I’d been waiting for the sun to come out again before I posted this beaut of a recipe, however that seems highly unlikely given the fact that the UK is destined to be cold, wet, windy and grey for the foreseeable future. Today for example, not only did it rain, but it was 10.5°c and so grey it seemed like dusk. This is England. In June. Continue reading

Muesli Pancakes

I think I’ve made it quite clear that I completely and utterly heart breakfast. But you know, I’m not the type of girl who can eat eggs and hollandaise sauce every morning, especially when we’re officially in bikini season.

Yeah..I’m one of those girls that eats a modest bowl of muesli most days – what a bore.

However, muesli in a pancake? Amazing life choice. Continue reading