I’m Gabriella – I spend a lot of time in my windowless kitchen in London.

Born to a Canadian mother and a Cypriot father of Armenian descent, you could say that my taste in food is pretty diverse as a result. As a child I’d watch my grandma work away in her modest Cypriot kitchen (with what could arguably be THE biggest knife man has ever created), sometimes being allowed to prepare the beans for fasoulia if I was lucky. Those early memories in the kitchen instilled in me a passion (read: obsession) for food and cooking – something which many of my family claim I inherited from her.

Both of my parents provided masses of inspiration in the kitchen, having completely different yet equally mouth-watering cooking styles. From my mum’s chicken casserole to my dad’s ‘goody’ burgers, every dish brought to the table, and the looks on the faces of those happy and fed, have contributed to turning an 8 year old aspiring to own a restaurant, into a 24 year old taking the idea completely seriously.

I started this blog as a means to regurgitate all of my cooking exploits to anonymous ears, due to my friends and family getting a bit sick of my constant food ramblings. So here I intend to share the recipes that I love to eat and love to make.

Fun facts:

The first thing I ever cooked was an apple crumble

I’m slightly lactose intolerant but ‘MNF’ as they say in Italian

I despise peanuts mixed with, or coated in anything sweet with pure passion

I have vegetarian tendencies, but if I order steak I like it blue

Sunshine makes everything taste better, so eating outdoors is definitely my thing

Crockery obsessed

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