What’s Taken So Long?

The new blog!It has been a very, very long time. So where have I been? Why the hiatus?

I graduated in the summer and (luckily) found myself a job! Up until then I had never fully realised just how difficult it is to cook in the little free-time left after work. Not to mention the fact that here in the UK we pretty much live in darkness during the winter months, which subsequently means decent lighting for photographing anything cooked becomes non-existent.

However the new job and lack of lighting weren’t the only reasons for a break. I’ve been working on something new. I wanted to create a new blog, one that was more me. I wanted a whole new look. With recipes old as well as new, life musings and travel snaps. But the process has been lengthy, and the effort lacklustre on my part.

An amazing friend of my brother who just happens to be a web-developer, has kindly volunteered to help make the new space look as fantastic as possible (with the promise of cake in return, of course). It’s not quite ready yet, but I desperately want to share it with all of you from now… I’m super excited about it (even though it is still massively under construction….)!

So to all of my followers, old and new: thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy lives to spend even a second browsing through my blog and being a huge part of it. I could think of nothing greater than you joining me on the new one. So here it is… introducing, Thyme & Honey.

Gabriella x

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    • I’ll be keeping this one up, but I won’t be keeping it updated. So you’ll be kept up to date with any new posts from me and the new one : ) Thanks for following!

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